Lydia Media has a clear company vision,
which boiled down is a heartfelt aspiration and drive,
to uplift the use of live images as a natural part of
the daily marketing toolbox in companies and organisations.

Living pictures being an unsurpassed global language.
The most convincing, competitive, creative, and not in the least informative and educational media -
especially when used with passion, care and insight.

Lydia Media has always been striving to be a natural centre for production of high quality projects.

Lydia Media aims to be perceived as one of the leading producers of corporate presentations, product film, documentary and exhibition productions. 

We meet all assigments with respect and enthusiasm.
In an atmosphere characterized by loyalty and integrity.
Attitudes and values that are natural basic requirements
to be met by all Lydia Media's employees and suppliers. 

Furthermore, our chosen business model makes us flexible and as cost-efficient as possible.

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